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After several attempts and gyms, running clubs and so forth I finally discovered martial arts.  Initially in the form of Karate and then following a house move a with into Taekwon-do.  I have now enjoyed a continuous period of 12 years training in Taekwon-do twice a week, and have been motivated to do other activities such as cycling to improve my fitness for Taekwon-do.

My first introduction to Taekwon-do was driven by my kids desire to become the next Power Rangers.  They were 8 and 10 at the time and I was 38, each of us took different benefits from our Taekwon-do training.

My youngest son is a keen footballer but no so confident away from the football field - with Taekwon-do his flexibility improved, helping his football and his self defence abilities developed giving him confidence around his peer group.  As a consequence he was able to carry himself in a way which basically eliminated bullying without the need to actually draw on any Taekwon-do skills.

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Returning to school after the summer break ought to be an exciting time for kids. A time to catch up with friends, embark on the next stage of life's great journey, and start to achieve those dreams and ambitions. Above all else to have some fun in a friendly and supportive environment.
However, as the statistics show this isn't always the case since the age old problem of bullying continues to be prevalent in today's society. Indeed, with the establishment of social media, the opportunity for bullying has increased not diminished.
Bullies feed off our own insecurities and so it's little wonder that the typical targets for bullying are those who don't necessarily fit into societies norms. Indeed the number 1 topic for bullying is appearance. Kids who identify as LBGT are more likely to be bullied than any other category of individual. Other factors such as kids changing schools, having different accents and such like are also likely to make them a target…